Updating mdt out of box drivers

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If so, do I need to refresh the boot image in WDS after doing so? Can I simply dump all the drivers for all the different types of hardware in this folder, and the Lite Touch deployment will figure out what's needed during deployment? Separating the drivers by model of computer can make it easier to replace the correct drivers when new versions are released.Updating the deployment share depends on where the drivers are going to be used.Through a little planning, we can make use of Windows’ automatic driver selection in order to deploy drivers in a Windows PE environment and in a full-blown operating system. Note: This post assumes that your MDT environment is already configured.Meaning that you, our Windows Administrator, will never have to visit a client to install a printer, scanner, or some silly device again. If you are just getting started with MDT, I would strongly recommend reading this Introduction to MDT as well as this excellent step-by-step walkthrough.I use the Driver Groups variable to handle driver management in my environments.

The following networking device did not have a driver installed. I looked back at MDT and confirmed that the INF files which fixed the problem the last time were in the "Out-of-box Drivers" folder (we also have the drivers separated based on Manufacturer, OS, and Model Number; Hewlett-Packard-HP Tower Workstation Z230. Once Windows had been setup and booted, I checked in Device Manager to see what was what with this NIC.

When imaging fails, 90% of the time it has to do with poor driver management.

Fortunately, driver management is built into the Microsoft Deployment toolkit and is very easy to set up.

The answer to number 2 is, If you are adding drivers to the boot image, then yes, update the share and regenerate the boot images (using selection profiles for the boot image drivers is advised), then, yes you will have to replace the boot images in WDS to use these new boot images.

For the OS deployment, MDT uses Pn P calls to install the correct drivers.

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