Updating multiple rows Chat with out sing up sex

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I have a form that returns a query with several rows and columns to a cfform.

I would like the ability to have the user update a quantity field on any or all of the rows and then hit an update button to update them.

There comes a time when you need to update multiple rows with different values.

You can update multiple rows with the same value, but when dealing with different values for different rows, it becomes a difficult task.

I tried to use this PL table of records to so a FORALL update etc..

OPEN profile_cur FOR sql Stmt; LOOP FETCH profile_cur INTO profile_rec; EXIT WHEN profile_cur%NOTFOUND; Quo To Pur Days( profile_rec.personid , profile_rec. IF changed Flag = TRUE THEN people_tab(x).personid := profile_rec.personid; people_tab(x).quotopurdays := profile_rec.quotopurdays; ...; ...; x := x 1; changed Flag := FALSE; END IF; END LOOP; CLOSE profile_cur; FORALL bulk Num IN 1..people_tab.

Yet, we have seen about how to update and delete table rows one at a time.The example I’ve found was incrementing an integer value by one. In my problem, I need to append a year code for archiving purposes. This entry was posted in Database, My SQL, SQL and tagged multiple rows mysql, mysql, mysql multiple rows, mysql update multiple rows, mysql updating multiple rows, update multiple rows, updating multiple rows. Yes there are CASE statements, but what if you have an indefinite number of combinations?What I’m trying to do is to append a suffix ’09’ for a certain column of all rows that met a certain criteria.

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