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You should be familiar with inheritance (see Section 5.8) before attempting to set up partitioning.The following forms of partitioning can be implemented in defined by a key column or set of columns, with no overlap between the ranges of values assigned to different partitions.The performance problems in this scenario result from the fact that the query work is done independently on each database partition, but the results are consolidated by the coordinating agent, which must wait until all database partitions return a result set.

For best results, you should always use the same server SQL mode on the master and on the slave. Some effects of partitioning operations on performance are given in the following list: storage engine is determined according to the version of the NDB Cluster software being used, the number of data nodes, and other factors.

The benefits will normally be worthwhile only when a table would otherwise be very large.

The exact point at which a table will benefit from partitioning depends on the application, although a rule of thumb is that the size of the table should exceed the physical memory of the database server.

Therefore, a change in the SQL mode at any time after the creation of partitioned tables may lead to major changes in the behavior of such tables, and could easily lead to corruption or loss of data.

For these reasons, Server SQL modes also impact replication of partitioned tables.

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