Updating passbook

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You can easily auto update any Passbook cards in order to remain informed about events, flights, movies and a lot more.Generally most of the cards update themselves; there are some of them which are required to be updated manually. Tap on the card which you want to enable for auto update. Tap on info button which is in the lower right hand corner of the card. Switch on Automatic Update.(Just in case you don't want any Passbook cards to provide auto updates, you can turn them off as per your need.Passbook app boasts of amazing utility as it conveniently lets you store tickets, coupons, boarding passes at one place.You can use it on your i Phone to carry out a number of activities with utmost ease, such as check in for flights, get in to movies, and redeem coupons and a lot more.You can import the template for the demo direct into the pass creator, edit it, and be pushing updates to your own passes within 5 minutes.

I already know I need a web Service URL (which I assume will be your IP address or one set on Ruby on Rails or something) and an authentication token.

I'm more focused on how I would actually, physically update it. Sort of like those i Phone app creating websites (but you don't professionally code it).

I'm going to look into it more, but there aren't too many resources on the internet to choose from (that are useful).

From a design point of view, the following items can be customised to ensure the correct display of the notification on the boarding pass: field in the file enables you to add messages which will be used for alert notifications.

The following are some examples of some messages which are configured with a key, label and field value.

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