Updating the constitution

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The mechanism for changing the Constitution, the amendment process, is outlined in Article V.

In its more than two hundred year history, the Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times, a remarkably small number given the complexity of American government and the fact that the first ten (and the twenty-seventh) amendments were proposed during the First Congress. An amendment can be proposed by the Congress if two-thirds of the members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate vote in favor of it.

There are two major steps in the amendment process. Alternatively, two-thirds of the legislatures of the fifty states can call for a constitutional convention for the purposes of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

Since the Constitution was ratified in 1789, numerous amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by the Congress, but the states have never voted to call for a new constitutional convention.

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It is expected that the Constitution will be presented as a paper which details any key changes, or explains any structures/procedures which may be considered unusual.To submit a constitution to the Union you will need to contact the Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) unless you have used the template – remember that the constitution must have been ratified by the RCC before submitting it to the Union.Our founding fathers would be amazed and disappointed that after 220 years, the inheritors of their Constitution had not tried to adapt the document to developments they couldn't have anticipated.Since November, there have been repeated attempts to get at President Donald Trump by criticizing his 10-year-old son.In February, the president called the press the enemy of the people.

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