Updating the display during lengthy operations

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The fixes for the following APARs were confirmed in this release after the fix list was initially published.

The Severity column value of 1 is high and 4 is low.Moreover, Mode 0x13 had an easy-to-program linear bitmap, in contrast to the Byzantine architecture of the older 16-color modes, which involved four planes and used four different pixel access modes, controlled through a variety of latches and registers.So Mode 0x13 was a great addition, but it had one downside – it was slow.Mode 0x13 only allowed one byte of display memory – one pixel – to be modified per write access; even if you did 16-bit writes, they got broken into two 8-bit writes.The hardware used in 16-color modes, for all its complexity, could write a byte to each of the four planes at once, for a total of 32 bits modified per write.

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