Updating vmware server 2 0

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In this article the detailed notes on how-to update from cent OS 5.3 are written out in details. There is an issue with the new version of glibc (2.5-42) and vmware-hostd.If you are using Cent OS-5.4 as a VMWare host machine, you will need to read and take actions per this bug report (#3884).The easiest one is to just exclude glibc from Cent OS-5.4 in the file if you are upgrading a 5.3 machine, using this line: exclude=*2.5-42* Then do this to verify you will not get the new files in the upgrade: yum list glibc* The output should not show new glibc files.Ouch, that is some serious problem there that we certainly do not want to bump into.The sizing estimator calculates the size of the Update Manager database and patch store.The estimate is calculated from the information that you enter about your deployment, such as the number of the hosts and virtual machines.David's steps have been tested, and work great in my home lab.I've added some important details, as also seen in the video below.

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For future updates, you’ll no longer need to update from the applaincesh.

Bug: 0003884: Cent OS 5.4 glibc causes crash of VMWare vmware-hostd process in VMWare 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 Description: Cent OS 5.4 glibc causes crash of VMWare vmware-hostd process in VMWare 2.0.0 and 2.0.1.

This is documented on these 2 VM threads: and Two ways to fix this are called out in the above threads.

The sizing estimator also provides recommendations for the Update Manager database and server deployment models.

This section includes information about the installation of Update Manager and Update Manager Download Service, an optional module of v Sphere Update Manager.

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