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i've recently purchased an ebay item where the seller used the usps priority mail to ship it..kindly enough sent me the tracking information for naturally i go to the site to get tracking information..a lie. Delivery Confirmation is an additional tracking service provided by the United States Postal Service that enables you to see movement of your mail piece through the U. The word "DELIVERED" will appear under the event name column once actual delivery has been made. At UPS Mail Innovations, we continually strive to provide the information our customers need to make smart decisions about their mailing services.

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You can use the Package ID, Tracking number, or Delivery Confirmation Number.

We are Wold Ship clients and pay 50.00 a month for the 'privilege' of having to drive our own packages to the UPS store.

I've has packages sitting since Wednesday it's now Saturday and they're telling me on the phone, they'll pick up Monday. UPS sucks because they "attempted" to deliver my package tonight but had stated that the address was missing or incorrect.

Paul order which as luck would have it had all the cables to run it in the second box!

) Yes I learned my lesson and yes USPS SHOULD DIE OF CANCER OF THE FACE!

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