Validating phony army interrogators exposed

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You are trying to build rapport and get subject to open up.Starting the conversation on a negative tone — to include self-deprecation, but also negative comments about the local environment — sets a subconscious mood of displeasure.

The second is the most expensive single project — in terms of dollars spent — that this country has ever embarked upon.

r, published by Paradigm Publishers.] The heavy reliance on private contractors to do everything from serving meals and doing laundry to protecting oil pipelines and interrogating prisoners has been a major factor in the immense costs of the Iraq war. One of the main rationales for using private companies to carry out functions formerly done by uniformed military personnel – a practice that has been on the rise since then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney commissioned a study that led to the contracting out of all Army logistics work to Halliburton in the 1990s – was that it would save money.

By one measure, there may be more employees of private firms and their subcontractors on the ground in Iraq than there are U. But in Iraq, the combination of greedy contractors and lax government oversight has resulted in exorbitant costs, many of them for projects that were never completed.

A cost-plus award is virtually an invitation to pad costs, as profits are a percentage of funds spent – in other words, the more you spend, the more you make.

This problem has been compounded by a lack of auditors to scrutinize these contacts.

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