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I need a method of stopping the user from leaving a row if there is invalid data in it (e.g., a field that cannot be null is). For Data Grid View, it has a Cell Validating and Row Validating events, these 2 event handlers take Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args/Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args type paramters. We can set Cancel property to true to prohibit the user from selecting another row. Hope this helps Best regards, Jeffrey Tan Microsoft Online Partner Support Get Secure! NET in VS2010 it seems that when you close a Win Form the "Row Validating" event of the Data Grid View on that form behaves differently depending on whether the form is MODAL or NON-MODAL.

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From inside the Form Designer, you should see a very small triangle at the upper right-hand corner of the Data Grid View control. For example, if the Units On Hand column can never be a negative number,you could write a validating rule that looks to see if the value is negative prior to committing the changes to that row.

In your example, you use the Cell Validating event, as shown below: Here, you want to ensure that the length of the new Customer ID is at least five characters.

You do this by using the Formatted Value property of the Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args parameter.

The Data Grid View is a very powerful windows form control for providing a user interface to tabular data.

It has the initial "look and feel" of an Excel spreadsheet.

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