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The court’s opinion clearly states that such assignments do not need to be in recordable form or recorded before the foreclosure, but they do have to have been effectuated.” The Court’s ruling appears rather elementary: you need to own the mortgage before you can foreclose. The Court has held unequivocally that the common industry practice of assigning a mortgage “in blank” — meaning without specifying to whom the mortgage would be assigned until after the fact — does not constitute a proper assignment, at least in Massachusetts. 7, 2011, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled against U. The case made headlines across the country, but turned on the prosaic notion that only the mortgage holder can foreclose on a mortgage. Wells Fargo produced a schedule that it represented identified the mortgage by the property’s ZIP code and city because the payment history and loan amount matched the loan at issue. Bank, was the mortgage holder at the time of the foreclosure.

But it’s become much more complicated with the proliferation of mortgage backed securities (MBS’s) –which constitute 60% or more of the entire U. Documentation provided by the banks in their efforts to prove that they were the present assignees of the mortgages at the time of the notice of foreclosure and subsequent foreclosure sale failed to convince the court that the proper party had initiated the foreclosure. Ibanez serves as a forewarning to banks that foreclosures will only be upheld as valid by a showing of strict compliance with the statutory power of sale requirements, that is, that they were the mortgage holder at the time of notice of foreclosure and execution of the foreclosure sale. Bank and Wells Fargo brought actions separately in the Massachusetts Land Court seeking among other things, a declaration that title to the two properties was vested in them. Bank claimed that Option One assigned the mortgage to Lehman Brothers Bank FSB, which assigned it to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which assigned it to the Structured Asset Securities Corp., which then assigned the mortgage, pooled with over 1,000 other loans, to U. SJC Decision In Massachusetts, a mortgagee must strictly comply with the statutory power of sale by proving its authority to foreclose and complying with the notice requirement. Bank’s foreclosure invalid for several reasons: 1) It failed to produce the document,the trust agreement, which it claimed assigned the mortgage to it; 2) the private placement memorandum described the trust agreement as having only an intent to assign mortgages to U. Bank in the future, not as an actual assignment; 3) U. Bank did not produce the schedule of loans mortgages that was supposedly attached to the agreement, so it failed to show that the mortgage at issue was among those assigned by that agreement; and 4) U. Bank failed to produce any evidence that the assigning party, Structured Asset Securities Corp., ever held the mortgage to be assigned. Similarly, the court rendered Wells Fargo’s foreclosure invalid because: 1) While the pooling and servicing agreement reflected a present assignment, the mortgage loan schedule provided by Wells Fargo failed to identify with specificity the mortgage at issue as one of the mortgages assigned; and 2) Wells Fargo did not provide any documentation showing that Asset Backed Funding Corporation held the mortgage that it was purportedly assigning under the pooling and servicing agreement.

But the mortgage loan documentation actually on file at the Registry of Deeds often lagged far behind. On July 5, 2007, the day Wells Fargo purchased the property, Option One, the record mortgage holder, executed an assignment of the mortgage to Wells Fargo as trustee, which was recorded on May 12, 2008, but had an effective date of April 18, 2007.

In the Ibanez case, the mortgage assignment, which was after the foreclosure process had started. Ibanez, the distressed homeowner, challenged the validity of the foreclosure, arguing that U. Bank had no standing to foreclose because it lacked any evidence of the mortgage and the loan at the time it started the foreclosure. Ibanez won his case in the lower court in 2009, and due to the importance of the issue, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court took the case on direct appeal. Bank filed for foreclosure on April 17, 2007, and purchased the property at the foreclosure sale on July 5, 2007. 2, 2008, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc., as successor in interest to Option One, the record holder of the mortgage, executed a written assignment of the mortgage to U. In the Land Court proceeding, Wells Fargo did not provide the flow sale and servicing agreement reflecting the assignment by Option One to Bank of America.

[Citation omitted] The question then becomes: Does this inadequacy of price, when considered in connection with all the circumstances surrounding this sale, furnish sufficient grounds for setting aside the sale? We also conclude that the advertisement in this case is inadequate.”The second highest state court in Maryland, the Court of Special Appeals, summarized those principles with numbers, in Hurlock Food Processors Investment Associates v. The sales prices here generated funds, which will pay 60% of the HFP debt (sales prices of $ 1,834,435; debt of $ 2,920,552.20) and almost 80% of the HFPIA debt (sales price of $ 175,000; debt of $ 222,666.71). 130, 274 A.2d 92 (1971) (debt in excess of $ 47,000; foreclosure price $ 20,000 recovered 43% of debt); Ten Hills Co., 176 Md. 70, 73, 251 A.2d 604 (1969) (foreclosure price of $ 60,000 only 40% of asserted fair market value of $ 150,000); Butler v. 447, 452, 226 A.2d 261 (1967) (foreclosure price of $ 2,400, only 30% of asserted fair market value of $ 7,950); de Tamble, 210 Md. LEXIS 71 (2000); Bennett Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

If you are not sure, you have the right under federal law to write and ask for the name, address and contact information of the company that currently holds your mortgage.

The promissory note and the deed to secure debt will be cancelled on the day that you pay off your loan.

Until then, those two documents spell out the rights and responsibilities that you owe to your lender, and that your lender owes to you.

Read on to learn how to set aside a foreclosure sale and the circumstances that may warrant it.

(Learn more about foreclosure, options to avoid it, defenses to foreclosure, and more, in Nolo's Foreclosure topic area.) Generally, to set aside a foreclosure sale, the homeowner must show: State statutes lay out the procedures for a foreclosure.

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