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Also, in related Kris Straub news, after watching that pilot I have frothing demand for Kris and Scott's Scott and Kris Show. My favourite was the comment string where he angrily responded to someone who pointed out that he only ever uses gradients for backgrounds. It's really, really sad that we can't use TT posts for the best post thread, because I think that wins for all time. And then when they accidentally come out good, Teletoon kills them off the first chance they get. Instead of sleeping with women, could Rayne date them casually?I assumed the comic was about someone in particular, but I am out of this particular loop. It's about Tom Preston ( and his "So You're A Cartoonist" comic, I'm pretty sure. Hey, speaking of assholes, I found this stumbling around looking at tutorials. Then runs reruns of the same six episodes at 2 am so they can still count it towards the Can-Content quota. Fortunately I don't have to do this yet, because a cursory Google search reveals that the dating guy's character designs don't really look anything like least I could do, and the concept of "Mary sue has all the sex and then explains the joke" is poor enough that any moron could have had it. Wed like one of the characters to smoke a great deal of pot. Suffice it to say, I wasnt about to let this series get bastardized into a watered-down shell of its former self.The Alberta-born interior designer got her first claim to fame on the fifth season of the U. The next imported host American comedian Chris Hardwick has replaced Ryan Seacrest as the hardest working man on TV, at least in the opinion of Rachel Goldstein-Couto, director of specialty programming channels, Bell Media. Millennials look up to comedians the way Gen Xers would musicians. Foodie-actor gets his own cooking show With the Food Network preparing to serve up Chopped Canada, its own helping of the U. culinary competition property Chopped, Barbara Williams, SVP content, Shaw Media, is expecting big things, much like the success the channel had with adaptations like Top Chef Canada.She points to his three current hosting gigs as to why this is his year: The Nerdist (BBC America), Talking Dead (AMC), and a yet-to-be-named post-Colbert Report talk show (Comedy Central), not to mention multiple acting and voice-over roles. Chopped Canada pits four amateur chefs against each other as they use mystery ingredients to wow judges.

When Teletoon was launched in 1997, it showed more mature fare as the day progressed, with a strong commitment to air diverse and international programming, and the ability to air a great majority of material uncut.

This is the 25th Treehouse of Horror in the Simpsons organized by Matt Groening. Fox also said that one of the main characters will die in season 25.

Bart loses his head and then finds it attached to Lisa's.

A typical weekday broadcast day ran preschool (little kids) content from 4am EST to 3pm EST, The older bumpers were removed in 2007 as part of an on-air rebranding.

Said rebrand took place on February 5, 2007; Teletoon's on-air appearance and its website were dramatically changed, the website for The Detour (then the name of its late night block) was moved to, and the aesthetic appearance of both the normal block and The Detour changed.

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