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If you have a bunch of residences that are looking for a certain material, go crazy on stockpiling those as at least you know you’ll be able to quickly in and spend those on actual upgrades once they are ready to go.

The Global Trade HQ Is the Best Way to Sell Excess Once you unlock the Trade HQ, I recommend using it to sell your excess rare parts (i.e. The game gives you the opportunity to ‘advertise’ an item every few minutes, which means it’ll have a high chance of popping up when a player accesses their HQ.

Wish upon the Starry Moon and find true love in Purra Academy Dating Sim.

This otome game created by nummyz transports you to the fantastic realm of Purra. Will you succeed and stay there forever or will you return to Earth after your romantic adventure?

Have a Plan For Your Inventory You might think it’s a good idea to keep a healthy supply of every item just in case.

However, I think a better idea is to know exactly what you’re looking for and to play to the requirements, not to stock.

LOP GOLD Right now I’m working hard together with Olivia, Ellie and Paul to finish their story.

This game will be classified as a BONUS game and in that category it will be really huge – much much bigger than Sylvia, Margaret and free to play Living with Lana.

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While clearing it out for her use, he found a portrait of his ancestor, Joseph Curwen, with some writing on the back – ominous words that dragged him into unconsciousness as inhuman whispers tore into his mind. Later that night, as sleep eluded him and the event replayed in his mind, he felt compelled to find out more about his ancestor. The game works on a 24 hour system, with certain actions available only at certain times.

Don’t panic just yet as there’s still a fair bit of content available via Sunrider Academy as long as you’re not looking to start dating any of the leading ladies.

Sunrider Academy tells the story of teenager Kayto Shields in this third year at the prestigious Academy.

I’d suggest not only waiting until a free advertise is available (you can advertise multiple things at the same time for premium currency but I don’t think it’s worth it) but it’s probably a good idea to just sell your item at the maximum price available as someone will inevitably buy it even at that high of a price.

I wouldn’t necessarily use the HQ to sell common materials, but if you manage to stockpile a good amount you can probably get a pretty decent premium simply because you’re selling a stockpile.

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