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” with “That I’m a very lucky man.” Less obvious, yet more tantalizing for the possibilities it brings are the clothes sharing series.

Whether they have worn the exact same coat or bought it at a two for one special, it’s hailed as a sure sign both men are more than just BFFs 4eva.

As we discussed already, Richard has kept information related to his live personal life as low profiled as possible, and he has not revealed any plans about getting married to his partner in crime Samantha Colley and make her his lawfully wedded wife.

It seems like we just have to wait till the couple makes it happen.

Rumors abound, from second hand knowledge, ‘hard’ photographic evidence and glimpses of the truth from countless hours spent internet sleuthing and carefully watching every interview Pace and Armitage ever sat on together. The other men on that list have girlfriends you can google, but search“Lee Pace Girlfriend” and google gives you Richard Armitage. Pace saying in a Comic Con interview “[Richard] is an amazing man and I love him”.

In a similar vein, Armitage answers the question, “What comes to mind when you see Lee?

To add fuel to the flames, Sir Ian Mc Kellen has outed Lee Pace in an interview about his fellow co-stars in The Hobbit franchise.

The 45 years old English actor kept it all a secret but eventually it all got out. For all the ladies out there, your time is up if you ever thought of getting married to Richard Armitage because he is now a fiancé to his girlfriend.We know that came out of nowhere, but it was meant to be. Richard Armitage aka Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy is quite famous for his work in the movies.Finally, he graduated from Juilliard with Bachelors in fine arts.He showed interest in acting while he was studying in his high school.

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