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It's dark themes like those that led Mc Dermott to make some changes in his own life."I got a little bit more paranoid because there is so much bad stuff out there in the world so I did install some cameras in my house and I have to say it's a good thing to do," Mc Dermott said. I think it's just important to be safe and to protect yourself."While he currently stars as the leading man in the show, success didn't come easy.After the shooting death of his mother when Mc Dermott was just 5 years old, he and his 6-month-old sister moved in with their grandmother.Do Something.org‘s annual Celebs Gone Good ranking has declared the “1989” singer to be the kindest of all since she donated all proceeds from the sale of her single “Welcome to New York” to New York City Public Schools. Also Read: 15 of Hollywood’s Most Epic Fails, Flubs and Flameouts: The Wrap’s Best & Worst 2014“Orange Is the New Black” star Laverne Cox beat out Beyoncé to come in second because the » - Greg Gilman I don’t care what the old saying says, in this case The Practice makes imperfect. Kelly, the creator, producer and head writer of such shows as Picket Fences, Ally Mc Beal, and one – mercifully – unsold Wonder Woman pilot was a practicing attorney in Boston, before he moved to Hollywood to become the creator, producer and head writer of such shows as Picket Fences and Ally Mc Beal.An interesting choice leaving the law for Hollywood producer.The two had kept their relationship under wraps after first being spotted together last fall in LA.

Her father, Parviz Gharib-Afshar, was an Iranian television personality and currently has a show on the Persian Broadcasting Company, Tapesh.Reps for Mc Dermott and Q have not yet responded to the Daily News’ request for comment.Taylor Swift has arguably been the most successful music star of the year, and she’s also the most charitable."At one point she was feeding him at the table." Mc Dermott divorced actress Shiva Rose in 2009 after 14 years of marriage.They have two daughters together: Collette, 18, and Charlotte, 9.

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