Who is kelly rowland dating now in 2016

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C."Kelly Rowland posted a new song featuring Beyoncé and Michelle Williams via her Sound Cloud page earlier this week.

Their travel schedule is crazy; they often don't even live full-time in the city where their team is (though Harden is from Los Angeles, so that was actually a check in the make-it-work box for him and Khloe); the on-the-road temptations are ridiculous, even when they don't indulge; and they have to devote 100 percent of their energy to training, staying in shape and playing the game. And the pressure is tenfold on Harden, who is generally considered the best player on the Houston Rockets and who gets blamed when the team is down.

"[Beyonce] was just like, 'I never left," she said. "Even in that moment of when I put my feet up, I felt like I was in therapy. Calm down.'"And I had to calm down, and then I had to breathe. The lyrics read: "When my sister was on stage/killing it like a motherf--ker/I was in rage/feeling it like a motherf-ker...

She heard how real I was and she was just like 'I'm so proud of you.'"The ballad also touches on Rowland's past relationships with abusive boyfriends and her jealousy over Beyoncé's phenomenal post-Destiny's Child success."What matters to me most is what we have," she said. Away from Destiny's Child."Kelly Rowland hit the headlines this week after she broke down on stage during a particularly emotional performance and was only able to carry on singing after encouragement from the crowd."It's really weird when you take yourself in front of a crowd," she told the radio station. url= US MAGAZINE, sees Rowland sing about overcoming feelings of jealous.

The topic has been widely discussed on social media.

Though she’s now happily married to her manager, Tim, and has an adorable two-year-old, Kelly vividly remembers the struggles of her single days and does not miss them one bit.

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