Who is nathan west dating

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Perhaps Claudette is the woman that Nathan was with before he came to Port Charles.

Back when Nathan first came on GH, he sublet Maxie’s apartment, if you recall.

He and Maxie had a conversation at that point about mistakes they had and making a fresh start.

In today’s “General Hospital” spoilers, we look at the trouble that Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller’s offscreen romance is causing with their castmates.

And now she’s thrilled that Billy Miller (aka Jake Doe/Jason Morgan) has swept her off her feet – almost like a romantic soap story of her own.

But instead of cast members being thrilled that Kelly is healing her heart, at long last, they’re jealous that Miller and Monaco will become a power couple offscreen as well as on – and will wield too much power and can fight for enhanced screen time, plots that are Jason and Sam centric and will hog the limelight.

I can't imagine anybody who grew up in that kind of environment getting away completely unscathed! "There will be something of a dark side." soapcentral.com: So you're back to the daily grind after summer break. There are so many things out there that I enjoy, leisure activities. I'm fine." soapcentral.com: What was it like for you to get such an outpouring of get-well wishes and messages from fans and costars? I mean, just the fact that anybody cares is nice, you know?The 44-year-old also recently played a hot mother on The CW’s Significant Mother.Mother-of-one Krista has been married twice before, but her most famous relationship was with Nathan's fellow heartthrob George Clooney, who she dated for two years after they met on the set of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in 2002.Paevey: I'll probably have some degree of problems forever, just based on the kind of break that it was, and truthfully, how many breaks there were. I've had some pretty tough, physically demanding jobs in my life, and this is not really one of them.The doc's words were "shattered," so there's going to be some issues. I grew up working in construction and bartending and doing whatever I could to get my bills paid.

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