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Xolani Mtsitsha of Boca Raton was arrested Thursday and faces sexual battery charges, according to a statement posted on Facebook by the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Mtsitsha, who police said “terrorized three women in our city this year,” is being held on 0,000 bond in the Palm Beach County Jail, police said.

Police in Florida have arrested a man who worked as an Uber driver and accused him of sexually assaulting three women this year.Males have a round black dot in the hindwing that the females do not have.Often females are slightly larger in size than the males.ZIP code: 78207 Number of registered sex offenders: 286For a more detailed interactive map of your ZIP code visit the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry online at: records.txdps.us/Sex Offender/less A 31-year-old San Antonio man was arrested Wednesday after a relative was allegedly caught at school searching for pornography so that she could learn about what he was doing to her, according to court documents.Anthony Garay now faces a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony.

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